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What is tsubasa_songset?

Do you like Tsubasa? Do you like music? How could you NOT like music. tsubasa_songset is a community like most other communities like... Like... Like 100_challenge, or iconfiend100. Yes, we do have a list of themes you must use... Please stop crying... But luckily, you only have to make thirty icons, because... Oh, God, who can make 100 icons out of one song, unless it's like Jesus of Suburbia or something? X.X

Are there rules?

Yes, there are rules. Didn't I already tell you to stop crying!?

~You have one month to get all thirty icons done and posted.
~If your computer crashes or something, feel free to ask for an extension. Extensions are one or two weeks ONLY. After that, no more extensions will be given and your claim will be deleted from the list.
~All icons must have images from the anime or manga of Tsubasa. Or anything else official.
~No doujinshi or fanart allowed. (Unless it's fanart actually by CLAMP. Then it's considered official.)
~You must use all fifteen of the themes provided below.
~Icons don't have to be in a table, but they are appreciated.
~All icons must fit LJ standards. (100x100, 40kb.)
~Please wait until your comment is deleted and your claim is on the claims list.
~A pairing/character/world may be claimed up to five times.
~Please, try not to spam us. Unless you're the only member or something.
~All icons must have at least two consecutive words from the song on it.
~You may use only ONE song.
~All icons must be made fresh.
~Comments on the claims list will be deleted once your claim is approved, so once you see your comment gone, consider yourself accepted.
~If it is your first time claiming at our community, please put "Mokona is Mokona!" under your claim. This is to show you read the rules. XD If it is NOT your first time, it's not needed.

Extra stuff

Claim like this:




1. Love
2. Kiss
3. Caring
4. Friendship
5. Strength
6. Magic
7. Wings
8. White
9. Color
10. Misunderstanding
11. Interesting
12. Food
13. Awe
14. Determination
15. Hate
The words or images on one of the fifteen themed icons must have something to do with one of these themes.

Layout Credits: scarlette_eyes for the HTML and areku1993 for the header and background images.